USCAP Interactive Microscopy Courses 2021 Annual Meeting - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

USCAP Interactive Microscopy Courses 2021 Annual Meeting

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USCAP Interactive Microscopy Courses 2021 Annual Meeting

The following is a list of interactive microscopy courses that will be held at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Topics : 

Bone and Soft Tissue

Diagnosing Soft Tissue Sarcomas on Core Biopsy: A Challenge in the Challenge

Breast Pathology

Uncommon Histologic Subtypes of Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Pitfalls in Effusion Cytology: The Role of Morphology and Immunohistochemistry in Daily Practice
Navigating the Problematic Category of Atypical Glandular Cells on a Pap Test


A Practical Approach to Lymphoid Infiltrates in the Skin: Cutaneous Lymphomas (Indolent and Aggressive) and Mimics

General Surgical Pathology

On The Spot: Practical Approach to Frozen Section Diagnosis

Gastrointestinal Pathology

Systematic and Confident Interpretation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Barrett’s Esophagus-Associated Neoplasia
Common Approaches and Pitfalls in Diagnosing Challenging Colon Polyps in the Era of Precision Medicine
DOG1/C-kit Negative GI Mesenchymal Tumors: Examples and Strategies for Accurate Diagnosis
Gastrointestinal Tract Inflammation: Oh Geez, I Have to Give a Differential

Genitourinary Pathology

Common and Challenging Issues in Urinary Bladder Pathology
Challenging Aspects of “Testicular Tumors”: A Practical Approach to Diagnosing Difficult Cases
Large Gland Lesions of the Prostate on Needle Biopsy

Gynecologic Pathology

Diagnostic Challenges in Cervical Pathology
Endometrial Biopsies and Curettings: Pitfalls and Problematic Cases
Gynecologic Pathology Pearls for the Practicing Pathologist

Head and Neck Pathology

Newly Defined (and Recently Refined) Head and Neck Tumors


Molecular Hematopathology at the Microscope: Correlating Morphology and Immunophenotype with Molecular Findings
Morphologic Clues and Patterns to a Correct Diagnosis of Myeloproliferative and Myelodysplastic/Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Liver Pathology

Avoiding the Diagnostic Pitfalls of Liver Mass Lesions (Even on Small Biopsies!)
Back to Liver Basics: A Pattern-Based Approach to Diagnosis

Ophthalmic Pathology

Conjunctival Pathology for the Practicing Pathologist