The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) 50th National Symposium 2019 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) 50th National Symposium 2019

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The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) 50th National Symposium 2019


 65 Video Files (.mp4 format)

The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) is the professional association that represents nurses who work in all areas of nephrology. Established as a nonprofit organization in 1969, ANNA has a membership of more than 8,500 registered nurses in almost 80 local chapters across the United States. Members practice in all areas of nephrology, including hemodialysis, chronic kidney disease, peritoneal dialysis, acute care, and transplantation. Most of our members work in freestanding dialysis units, hospital outpatient units, and hospital inpatient units.

ANNA develops and updates standards of clinical practice, educates practitioners, stimulates and supports research, disseminates knowledge and new ideas, promotes interdisciplinary communication and cooperation, and monitors and addresses issues encompassing the breadth of practice of nephrology nursing.

010a – Certification Review Course Chronic Kidney Disease
010b – Certification Review Course Peritoneal Dialysis
010c – Certification Review Course Transplant
010d – Certification Review Course Hemodialysis
020a – Update in Acute Care Nephrology Plasmaphoresis Giving Us a Better Understanding
020b – Update in Acute Care Nephrology Functional and Cellular Biomarkers to Assess AKI
Share020c – Update in Acute Care Nephrology Cardiac Assist Devices and Renal Replacement Therapy
020d – Update in Acute Care Nephrology The Ups and Downs Following Kidney Transplantations
030a – Kidneys Inside and Out Scleroderma
030b – Kidneys Inside and Out Alport_s Disease
030c – Kidneys Inside and Out Kidney Stones
030d – Kidneys Inside and Out Polycystic Kidney Disease
102 – Orientation for New Members, First-Timers, _ International Attendees
103 – Nephrology Nursing A Career of a Lifetime
103a – Opening Ceremonies
131 – Kidney Function and Failure in Neonates
132 – Confirming the Importance of Oral Health in CKD
133 – Cardiac Dysrhythmias in Patients with CKD Therapy
134 – Don_t Get Mad, Get Involved Advocacy in Action
135 – Effective Communication and Coaching Skills for the Nephrology Nurse Leader
136 – Technology – Novice
141 – Sepsis Recognition
142 – Burnout and Resilience A Presentive Strategy
143 – Home Therapy Physical Assessment
144 – Resistant Hypertension
145 – Mentoring Discussion Roundtables
146 – Technology – Intermediate
161 – Health Policy – The Advocacy Puzzle
162 – Home Therapies – Helping Patients Choose Home Dialysis
163 – Transplantation – Wanted Dead or (Even Better) Alive
164 – Acute Care – Veteran Nurses Are Priceless
165 – Chronic Kidney Disease – CKD Education
171 – Hemodialysis – Organ Stunning
172 – Advanced Practice – APRN-Led CKD Clinics
173 – Administration – Yodeling Away Generational Gaps in Communication and Leadership
174 – Pediatrics – All I Ate Was a Hamburger
175 – Educator – Strategies to Improve Current Issues in Nephrology Education
201 – The Impact of Food and Medications in the CKD Patient
211 – Ins and Outs of Clinic Development in Nephrology Practices
212 – Pressure Injuries
213 – Transplant Readiness Fundraising
214 – Recognition of the Patient Abusing Alcohol
215 – Palliative Dialysis as an Option for Older Adults
220 – Nephrology Nurse Recognition Luncheon
231 – Hypotension Basics.
232 – When the State Comes Marching In Is Your Staff Prepared
233 – Fabry Disease An Uncommon Disorder with Serious Renal Consequences
235 – The Gut Microbiome How the Gut Affects the Kidney
241 – Social Media Pitfalls
242 – Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Use (of Medications) in Older Adults
243 – Vascular Access in Pediatric Patients with CKD and ESRD
244 – The Synergy Between a Fulfilling Nursing Career and ANNA
245 – Getting to the Heart of Malnutrition
251 – Abstracts Presentations Clinical Focus
252 – Abstracts Presentations Research Focus
260 – The CKD Patient with Hyperkalemia
301 – Top Pharmacologic Conundrums in CKD
311 – Transplant Allocation
312 – Stroke in Individuals with CKD
313 – Vascular Access
314 – How to Become a Leader Primer for Millennials
321 – Stop the Train The Older Adult Using Peritoneal Dialysis
322 – Nephrology Nursing Malpractice How to Avoid Being Sued
323 – Kidney Child Life Specialist.mp4
324 – Acid Base in CKD