SRU 29th Annual Meeting 2019 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

SRU 29th Annual Meeting 2019

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 SRU 29th Annual Meeting 2019

Topics And Speakers:



Session 1 – Radiology Head to Toe I
Heads up Rads! Neonatal Head US Sherwin Chan, MD, PhD
Parathyroid with multimodality correlation Jill Jones, MD
Cervical lymph node evaluation in thyroid cancer Nayana Patel, MD
Chest ultrasound for non-mammographers Hailey Choi, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 2 – Radiology Head to Toe II
Shoulder Paul Spicer, MD
Upper Extremity Vascular Basics Veena Iyer, MBBS
Right Upper Quadrant Pain – Gallbladder and Beyond Christopher Fung MD, FRCPC
Questions and Answers
Session 3 – Radiology Head to Toe III
Native Kidney Ghaneh Fananapazir, MD
First Trimester Ultrasound James Boyum, MD
Ovarian and other adnexal cysts Theodora Potretzke, MD
Scrotum and Inguinal Canal Elizabeth Asch, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 4 – New Horizons in Ultrasound I 
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in ultrasound Manjiri Dighe, MD
Going Small Thinking Big:  The Potential of Microvascular Ultrasound Imaging Theodore Dubinsky, MD
Retroprostatic Hydrogel Dissection Darci Wall, MD
Lymphosonography Andrej Lyshchik, MD, PhD
Keynote Address – The 2019 Interdisciplinary Update on SRU Recommendations for Simple Adnexal Cysts: Does More Imaging Improve Patient Outcomes? Deborah Levine, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 5 – New Horizons in Ultrasound II
Advances in Ultrasound Tissue Characterization in Cancer and Beyond Ahmed El Kaffas, PhD
FDA Support for New Techniques Brian Garra, MD
CEUS in Rheumatoid Arthritis Jordan Gross, MD
Blood Volume Flow Jonathan Rubin, MD, PhD
Barry Goldberg Award: Rethinking Placenta Accreta Paula Woodward, MD
Session 6 – Hepatopancreatobiliary
Ultrasound LI-RADS for Screening and Surveillance of HCC David Fetzer, MD
Ultrasound of Liver Transplants Helena Gabriel, MD
Point, Counter-point: Ultrasound for Acute Cholecystitis Ulrike  Hamper, MD, MBA
RUQ Pain – Beyond Acute Cholecystitis Kathryn Robinson, MD
Hepatic Fibrosis and Portal Hypertension Deborah Rubens, MD
Pancreas Transplant Mariam Moshiri, MD
Focal Liver Masses: Grayscale US, CEUS and Elastography Stephanie Wilson, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 7 – Head and Neck
Non-Nodular or Diffuse Thyroid Disease Jill Langer, MD
Thyroid Nodules: A Comprehensive Review Danielle Richman, MD
Ultrasound of the Neck: Post Thyroidectomy Michelle Melany, MD
Parathyroid Michael Beland, MD
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Jason Wagner, MD
Everything else in the neck Mary  Frates, MD
Neck Interventions Including Lymph Node Ablation Tara Henrichsen, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 8 – Obstetrics
Fetal Heart Screening By the Numbers:  4CV, 3VV and 2 Outflows Dolores Pretorius, MD
Double Trouble: Tips on Twins Priyanka Jha, MBBS
Oh so Subtle: Clues to Fetal Brain Malformations Roya Sohaey, MD
Placental Pearls of Wisdom Vickie Feldstein, MD
Anna Lev-Toaff Award: Findings of 1st Trimester Failure Loretta Strachowski, MD
Seek and You Shall Find: First Trimester Anomalies Catherine Phillips, MD
Why are Soft Signs So HARD? TomWinter, MD
Amniotic Fluid Adventures Anne Kennedy, MB, BCH
Session 9 – Vascular
Hemodialysis Access Mark Lockhart, MD, MPH
EVARS / TIPS / STENTS Shuchi Rodgers, MD
Intra-Renal Artery Doppler Indices: What are They Good For ? Terry Desser, MD
Carotid Doppler – Does Gray Scale Have Any Value ? Leslie Scoutt , MD
Beyond Peak Velocities: Waveform Interpretation in Carotid Doppler Mark Kliewer, MD
Evaluation of Renal and Pancreas Transplants Lori Mankowski Gettle, MD, MBA
Doppler Evaluation of the Hepatic Artery Aya Kamaya, MD
DVT Controversies and Frustrations Laurence Needleman, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 10 – Genitourinary Workshops
Scrotal Emergencies: Pearls and Pitfalls Lauren Alexander, MD
GU WKSHP-The KUB Region and More – Genitourinary Review: Penile Doppler Vikram Dogra, MBBS
GU WKSHP-The KUB Region and More – Genitourinary Review: Renal Doppler Margarita Revzin, MD
Kidney Transplants: What You Do Not Want to Miss Sheila Sheth, MD
Renal Mass Evaluation and Pitfalls John McGahan, MD
Session 11 – GYN Workshops
GYN WKSHP-The Female Pelvis – Gynecological Spectrum: ACR Ovarian-Adnexal Imaging-Reporting-Data System (O-RADS-US) John McGahan, MD
GYN WKSHP-The Female Pelvis – Gynecological Spectrum: Acute Pelvic Pain Mindy Horrow, MD
GYN WKSHP-The Female Pelvis – Gynecological Spectrum: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Peter Doubilet, MD, PhD
3D Ultrasound Gynecology Carol Benson, MD
Session 12 – MSK Workshops: Scan Joints Like the Pros
Scan Joints Like the Pros: Shoulder Jon Jacobson, MD
Scan Joints Like the Pros: Elbow Sandra Allison, MD
Scan Joints Like the Pros: Hand and Wrist Levon Nazarian, MD
Scan Joints Like the Pros: Hip Ronald Adler, MD, PhD
Scan Joints Like the Pros: Foot and Ankle Yoshimi Endo, MD
Session 13 – Pediatrics Workshops
Pediatrics WKSHP-More Than Just Small Adults-Pediatric Ultrasound : Pediatric Neck: There’s More Than Thyroid Henrietta Kotlus Rosenberg, MD
Pediatrics WKSHP-More Than Just Small Adults – Pediatric Ultrasound: Neonatal Spine Mitchell Rees, MD
Pediatric and Adolescent Breast Ultrasound Angie Miller, MD
Pediatrics WKSHP-More Than Just Small Adults – Pediatric Ultrasound: Not Your Everyday Pediatric Abdominal Ultrasound Grace Mitchell, MD, MBA
Session 14 – Contrast Ultrasound Mini-Symposium
Appropriateness, Coding and Billing of Contrast Ultrasound Wui Chong, MBBS
How To Build Your Practice: Organizing and Getting Started Corinne Deurdulian
How I Do It?: Liver and LI-RADS Andrej Lyshchik, MD, PhD
How I Do It?: Kidney Nirvikar Dahiya, MD
How I Do It?: Interventional Melanie Caserta, MD
Contrast Enhance Ultrasound of the Liver: Illustrative Cases Edward Grant, MD
CEUS Illustrative Renal Cases Michelle Robbin, MD


Release Date: 12/20/19
CME Expiration: 12/19/22