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SPR 2021 Neonatal Imaging Course (On-Demand)

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SPR 2021 Neonatal Imaging Course (On-Demand)

Learning Objectives

1.  Review neonatal imaging techniques and findings in various pediatric radiology subspecialties.    
2.  Identify ways to optimize imaging techniques in neonatal imaging.
3.  Recognize emerging imaging techniques in neonatal imaging, such as use of contrast enhanced ultrasound and advanced MRI techniques.

Program : 

Session 1: Neonatal Chest and Cardiac Imaging

Session 2: Neonatal Musculoskeletal Imaging

Session 3: Neonatal Body Imaging

Session 4: Neonatal Body Imaging, Radiation risk and Communication in Neonatal Imaging

Session 5: Neonatal Neuro Imaging

Session 6: Neonatal GU Imaging

CME Release Date: April 30, 2021
CME Expiration Date: April 29, 2024