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SmashUSMLE Step 1 2021 Flashcards – Block-wise version (PDF)

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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)


  1. Antimicrobials
  2. Antineoplastics
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Cardio
  5. Classic findings
  6. Endocrine
  7. First Aid rapid review
  8. Genetics
  9. GI
  10. Goljan High Yield
  11. Hematology – oncology
  12. Immunology
  13. Micro
  14. Musculoskeletal
  15. Neuro
  16. Pharm – one liner
  17. Psychiatry
  18. Renal
  19. Reproductive
  20. Respiratory
  21. USMLE Buzzwords

Extracted in March 2021


SAMPLE FOR Goljan High Yield flashcards


SAMPLE FOR First Aid rapid review flashcards


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