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Simple Education : Essential Guide to electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation (Videos)

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Simple Education : Essential Guide to electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation (Videos)

Leading consultant electrophysiologist Prof Richard Schilling and Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Dr Andrew Sharp have successfully educated thousands of healthcare professionals on ECG interpretation. Now in collaboration with leading educational provider Simple Education they return to deliver the comprehensive guide to ECG interpretation .

This 11 part course will take you through the key topics of understanding the ECG interpretation. After viewing each part you should feel confident in ECG interpretation, and ready to take the completion test to gain your certificate!

The course is delivered in state-of-the-art facilities, presented in a modern style and supported by multiple case examples. Simple Education provides access to HD on-demand video content for each course part, in addition to a raft of other online educational and learning resources including the comprehensive PDF manual.

Whats included in this online ECG training course

  • 11 part course HD on-demand videos (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC)
  • Over 200mins of high quality medical teaching

1)The ECG – The Basics Revisited
2)Essential skills- How to Determine the Cardiac Axis
3)The 12-lead ECG – An In-depth Worked Example
4)Interesting ECG Clinical Cases and Worked Examples
5)Bradycardia, Heart Block and Pacing- Understanding the conduction system
6)Bradycardia, Heart Block and Pacing- Sinus Bradycardia
7)Bradycardia, Heart Block and Pacing- Atrioventricular block
8)Supraventricular Tachycardia-SVT (Including Atrial fibrillation and flutter)
9)Ventricular Arrhythmia – SVT with Bundle Branch Block or VT
10)ECG Abnormalities in Young Patients
11)The ECG in the Broader Picture- Miscellaneous ECG diagnoses