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QMP Marina Medical Rhinoplasty Cadaver Dissection Course Videos 2020

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QMP Marina Medical Rhinoplasty Cadaver Dissection Course Videos 2020

by Dean M. Toriumi, MD & Richard E. Davis, MD

The Marina Medical Rhinoplasty Cadaver Dissection Course Videos feature 15 hours of cadaver dissections, lectures, presentations, and Q&A sessions by Master Rhinoplasty Surgeons Dean Toriumi, MD and Richard Davis, MD.  In-depth presentations by these expert surgeons demonstrate step-by-step techniques, providing tips & tricks for obtaining the best result while avoiding complications. If you missed this amazing educational event during the live broadcast, here’s a second chance to learn rhinoplasty from the masters while in the comfort of your home!


DAY 1 – Primary Rhinoplasty

Welcome (Davis & Toriumi)

Lecture: Approaches to the Nose and Septum  (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Surgical Approaches (Toriumi)

Lecture: The Tongue-in-Groove Technique (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: The Tongue-in-Groove Technique (Davis)

Lecture: Tip Techniques in Primary Rhinoplasty (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Tip Techniques in Primary Rhinoplasty (Toriumi)

Lecture: The Septal Extension Graft (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: SEG Placement (Davis)

Lecture: Lateral Crural Tensioning (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: Lateral Crural Tensioning-AARG (Davis)

Lecture: Alar Base Modifications –  (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Alar Base Resection, Flaps, Augmentation (Toriumi)

Lecture: Backbone of the Nose – The Septal L-Strut (Davis)

Question and Answer (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Septal Repositioning & Reconstruction (Toriumi/Davis)

Lecture: Spreader Grafts and Flaps (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Traditional Middle Vault Techniques (Toriumi/Davis)

Lecture: Dorsal Preservation or Not – (Toriumi)

Video: Dorsal Preservation Videos From Different Surgeons (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Dorsal Preservation (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Dorsal [Pushdown] With the Piezotome – (Davis)

DAY 2 – Revision Rhinoplasty

Cadaver Dissection: Rib and Graft Harvest (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Rib and Graft Slicing & Dicing (Davis)

Lecture: Dorsal Revision With Solid Rib Cartilage (Toriumi)

Lecture: Structural Secondary Rhinoplasty (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Lateral Crural Reconstruction and Composite Grafting (Toriumi)

Lecture: The Diced Cartilage-Fascia Graft (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: The Diced Cartilage-Fascia Graft (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: Solid Dorsal Graft (Toriumi)

Cadaver Dissection: Conchal Graft Harvest and Shield Graft Placement (Davis)

Cadaver Dissection: Shield Graft With Lateral Crural Grafts and Articulated Rim Grafts and Alar Base Reduction (Toriumi)

Lecture: Microfat and Nanofat in Rhinoplasty (Toriumi)

Question and Answer (Toriumi/Davis)

Primary Case Studies (Toriumi)

Primary Case Studies (Davis)

Revision Case Studies (Toriumi)

Revision Case Studies (Davis)

Discussion: How to Incorporate What You Learned into Your Practice (Toriumi & Davis)

Available in HD Streaming format. 15 hours of cadaver dissection, lecture, presentation, Q&A videos. 70+ medical illustrations.  2021.