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SABI 44th Annual Course 2021

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All new!  The Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) has lead innovation into practice for over forty years.  Formerly known as the SCBT-MR, their continuing mission is to improve patient care by piloting state of the art technology, protocols and techniques into the body imaging profession.  SABI builds upon this legacy with their 44th Annual Course, featuring 85 thought leaders delivering the latest concepts impacting body imaging across all modalities.  Worth 31.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, this activity will meet the entire SA-CME requirement for Maintenance of Certification.

SABI 44th Annual Course Agenda

Session 1 –  Clinical Artificial Intelligence Applications
Patient-Centered Artificial Intelligence Andrew Wentland, M.D., Ph.D.
Fast MRI with Deep Learning Hersh Chandarana, M.D., FSABI
Deep Learning Based CT Reconstruction Carlo De Cecco, M.D., FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 2 – Practical Artifical Intelligence
AI Applications for Chest/Cardiovascular Imaging Martin Willemink, M.D., Ph.D.
Incorporating AI Into Your Practice Ross Filice, M.D.
AI For Work Efficiency Andrew Smith, M.D., Ph.D., FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 3 – Female Pelvis
MRI Diagnosis & Classification of Adenomyosis: Is Perfect the Enemy of Good? Susan Ascher, M.D., FACR, FSABI
Imaging for Endometriosis: US & MRI Anuradha Shenoy-Bhangle, M.D.
Leiomyoma vs. Leiomyosarcoma Nicole Hindman, M.D., FSABI
Session 4 – Cardiovascular
4D Flow MRI for Congenital Heart Disease Scott Reeder, M.D., Ph.D.
Small Airway Disease Philip Costello, M.D., FSABI
Cardiopulmonary Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19 Satinder Singh, M.D., FSABI
Functional CT Imaging of the Heart – Many Roads to FFR-CT U. Joseph Schoepf, M.D., FACR, FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 5 – Innovations in CT
Evolution of CT Image Reconstruction – From Filtered Back Projection to Deep Learning Martin Willemink, M.D., Ph.D.
Protocol Standardization – The Foundation for Successful AI Myron Pozniak, M.D.
Photon Counting CT Kalpana Kanal, Ph.D, FSABI
Digital X-ray Tube Technology: What Does it Mean for CT? Timothy Szczykutowicz, Ph.D.
Question & Answer Multiple Faculty
Hardware or Software: Which is the Next Innovation in CT? Dushyant Sahani, M.D., FSABI
Session 6 – Artificial Intelligence Opportunities
Opportunistic Screening Using AI-based CT Body Composition Measures Perry Pickhardt, M.D.
Opportunistic Screening in Chest With AI Carlo De Cecco, M.D., FSABI
Panel Discussion – Identifying the Best AI Solutions for Your Practice, Explainable AI, Future of AI Multiple Faculty
Session 7 – MR Innovations
Low-field/Low Cost MRI Has Arrived: What Does It Mean for Radiology? Jeffrey Weinreb, M.D., FSABI
Low-field MRI- Back to Future Hersh Chandarana, M.D., FSABI
MRI Innovations: The Chair Perspective Thomas Grist, M.D., FACR
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
The Case For Rapid MRI Garry Gold, M.D., FSABI
The Case Against Rapid MRI Pranay Krishnan, M.D.
Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
Session 8 – Hepatic, Biliary and Pancreatic Imaging
Pancreatic Cancer and the Surgeon: Abdominal Imaging as the Linchpin Emily Winslow, M.D.
Advanced Response Assessment to Novel PDAC Therapy Ihab Kamel, M.D., Ph.D., FSABI
Cholangitis Update: PSC, IgG4 and COVID Sooah Kim, M.D.
Hepatectomy and ALPPS: What the Surgeons Want to Know Joseph Yacoub, M.D.
Imaging of Liver Directed Therapy With Focus on TARE Frank Miller, M.D., FACR, FSABI
The Isolated Dilated Bile Duct: Differential Diagnosis and Management Reena Jha, M.D., FSABI
Debate: Use of Hepatobiliary Contrast for HCC Screening – Pro Victoria Chernyak, M.D., M.S.
Debate: Use of Hepatobiliary Contrast for HCC Screening – Con Joseph Yacoub, M.D.
Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
Session 9 – Gastrointestinal/Urinary Tract
Update on Imaging Stricturing Crohn’s Disease Mark Baker, M.D., FSABI
Pitfalls in MR Imaging and Reporting of Rectal Cancer Courtney Moreno, M.D.
GI Manifestations of Novel Targeted Therapies Atul Shinagare, M.D.
Changing MR Image of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Martin Prince, M.D., FSABI
Gastric Cancer – Three Things the Tumor Board Wants to Know Matthew Morgan, M.D.
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 10 – Presidential Lecture and Vanguards of Science
How Body Images Invented fMRI and What We Can Learn From Each Other Bruce Rosen, M.D., Ph.D.
4D Flow MRI for Risk Stratification of Variceal Bleeding in Cirrhosis Scott Reeder, M.D., Ph.D.
Photoimmunotherapy Peter Choyke, M.D., FACR, FSABI
Advanced Musculoskeletal MRI Garry Gold, M.D., FSABI
Question & Answer Multiple Faculty
Session 11 – Imaging of the Male Pelvis: Prostate and Beyond
ACR-designated Prostate Cancer MRI Center Designation: What You Need to Know Jeffrey Weinreb, M.D., FSABI
Imaging Prostate Cancer Recurrence Vikas Kundra, M.D., Ph.D., FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Prostate Cancer Tumor Board Multiple Faculty
Session 12 – Quality and Safety
Update on Iodinated Contrast Media Matthew Davenport, M.D., FSABI
CT Imaging of the Pregnant or Potentially Pregnant Patient Xiang Li, Ph.D.
Bleeding With Imaging-Guided Procedures: Do Pre-Procedural Labs Matter? Olga Brook, M.D., FSABI
How to Read Abdominal CT – Lessons From  the Visual and Cognitive Sciences Mark Kliewer, M.D., FACR
The Awesome and Frightening Power of Defaults Brian Herts, M.D., FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 13 – Pancreas Workshops
Pancreatic Cystic Lesions: Guidelines, Recommendations and Templates Ravi Kaza, M.D., FSABI
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms 2021 Update Motoyo Yano, M.D.
Mimics of Pancreatic Cancer Samuel Galgano, M.D.
Lessons Learned From the Pancreatic Tumor Board Chenchan Huang, M.D.
Session 14 – Hepatobiliary Workshops
LI-RADS Update Chernyak & Sirlin
Liver Iron: What’s New? Takeshi Yokoo, M.D., Ph.D.
Challenging Hepatobiliary Cases Part 1 Anuradha Shenoy-Bhangle, M.D.
Challenging Hepatobiliary Cases Part 2 Paul Nikolaidis, M.D.
MR Assessment of Diffuse Liver Disease: What’s New? Claude Sirlin, M.D., FSABI
Session 15 – Professional Development Workshops I
Important Topics in Leadership and Goal Alignment Galgano & Davenport
Meet the Editors Tamm & Dunnick
 Sour M & M’s: Lessons Learned From Peer Review Edney & Hansen
Wellness From the Early Career Perspective (A Panel Discussion) Multiple Faculty
Session 16 – Male & Female Pelvis Workshops
Prostate MRI PI-RADS Case Review: Peripheral and Central Zone Pranay Krishnan, M.D.
Prostate MRI PI-RADS Case Review: Transition Zone Melina Pectasides, M.D.
Question & Answers Krishnan & Pectasides
ACR O-RADS Ultrasound Nancy Kim, M.D.
MRI of Placental Pathology Sherelle Laifer-Narin, M.D
Female Pelvis Update: Cervical Imaging Joy Liau, M.D.
Session 17 – Lung & Lymphatic Imaging Workshops
Radiomics in Lung Cancer Subba Digumarthy, M.D.
State of the Art in Lymphatic Imaging Jeffrey Maki, M.D., FSABI
Session 18 – Professional Development Workshops II
Perspectives for Aspiring Inventors Richard Ehman, M.D.
Working With Industry Lincoln Berland, M.D., FSABI
Start Ups and Collaborations: What You Need to Know Gold & Willemink
Session 19 – Adrenal Imaging & CT Colonography Workshops
Adrenal Imaging Update Gupta & Sekhar
CT Colonography Updates Kevin Chang, M.D., FACR
How to Benchmark Your Practice Using the ACR’s CT Colonography Registry Courtney Moreno, M.D.
Questions & Answers Chang & Moreno
Session 20 – DECT, PET MRI & Vascular Imaging Workshops
Dual Energy CT of the Abdomen: What You Need to Know Bari Dane, M.D.
Clinical PET/MRI Ali Pirasteh, M.D.
Multi-Modality Vascular Imaging:Protons, Photons and Echoes Leach & Weinstein
Session 21 – Forensics, Future Proofing & Findings Management Workshops
CSI Radiology: Radiology’s Role in Forensic Imaging Kalpana Kanal, Ph.D, FSABI
Radiology CSI Les Folio, D.O, MPH, FSABI
Rethinking How We Read: The Virtual Radiology Reading Room Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic Joseph Yacoub, M.D.
Cyberattack!  How We Survived 8 Days Without PACS Yu & Hansen
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Saving Lives: Tracking and Managing Actionable Imaging Findings Gandhi & Mody
Session 22 – Hepatopancreatobiliary Tumor Board
Multidisciplinay Hepatopancreatobiliary Tumor Board Multiple Faculty
Session 23 – Beyond the Reading Room I: Improving Your Impact
The Beauty of Friendship – and How It Can Save Your Life Aarti Sekhar, M.D., FSABI
Sealing the Leaky Pipeline: Getting Residents Interested in Abdominal Imaging Fellowship! Anuradha Shenoy-Bhangle, M.D.
Culture Change Andrew Smith, M.D., Ph.D., FSABI
Humor in Radiology: Art or Science? Atif Zaheer, M.D.
Thanks for the Feedback Victoria Chernyak, M.D., M.S.
Optimism Matthew Davenport, M.D., FSABI
The Healin Breath Dushyant Sahani, M.D., FSABI
Session 24 – Monumental Opportunities
Monumental Opportunity #1 Samuel Galgano, M.D.
Monumental Opportunity #2 Jessica Robbins, M.D.
Monumental Opportunity #3 Nikhil Madhuripan, M.D.
Monumental Opportunity #4 Ayushi Gupta, M.D.
Monumental Opportunity #5 Nancy Kim, M.D.
Monumental Opportunity #6 Rekha Mody, M.D.
Session 25 – Beyond the Reading Room II: Communication and Productivity
Social & Emotional Intelligence Training in Radiology Jessica Robbins, M.D.
Do Something Great Matthew Davenport, M.D., FSABI
Negotiation Strategies for Academia and Private Practice Fred Lee, Jr., M.D., FSABI
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Debate: Teaching and Building Community in the Digital Age is Possible Michael Hartung, M.D.
Debate: Teaching and Building Community in the Digital Age is Impossible Victoria Chernyak, M.D., M.S.
Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty

Release date: December 15, 2021
Expiration date: December 14, 2024

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