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ARRS Practical Dual-Energy CT Throughout the Body 2021

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ARRS Practical Dual-Energy CT Throughout the Body 2021

Proven useful in a wide array of applications—specific clinical indications and common incidental findings alike—this course covers the equipment and protocols to effectively utilize this modality in everyday practice. A valuable primer on a technology that can increase diagnostic accuracy, while mitigating the risks, delays, and costs of additional testing, the case-based portion of this course provides expertly guided looks at DECT imagery across a variety of applied scenarios

Learning Outcomes and Modules

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Summarize the basics of Dual-Energy CT (DECT) image acquisition, post processing, and issues pertaining to streamlined workflow among the various equipment vendors.
  • Recognize applications of DECT that impact patient care in the outpatient, inpatient, and emergency department settings.
  • Recognize how to optimize imaging protocols and improve image interpretation for neuroimaging, cardiothoracic imaging, abdominal imaging, pediatric imaging, oncologic imaging, and musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Apply DECT for problem solving in common imaging conundrums and acquire an increased awareness of DECT pitfalls and challenges.

Module 1—DECT: What You Need to Know First

  • The ABCs of Dual-Energy CT—Rendon C. Nelson, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT Scanner Descriptions—Aran M. Toshav, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT Dose Considerations: IV Contrast Material and Radiation—Erik Soloff, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT Workflow PACS vs Servers—Rajan T. Gupta, MD

Module 2—Neuroradiology DECT

  • Acute Brain Conditions—Rajiv Gupta, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT of the Brain, Head, and Neck—Dawid Schellingerhout, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT Applications for the Spine—Behrang Amini, MD, PhD
  • Case Review

Module 3—Pulmonary DECT

  • Dual-Energy CT of the Pulmonary Parenchyma—Myrna C.B. Godoy, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT of Pulmonary Nodules and Masses—Brett W. Carter, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT Techniques and Applications in Thromboembolism—Subba R. Digumarthy, MD
  • Case Review

Module 4—Cardiovascular DECT

  • Heart and Coronary Arteries—Carlo Nicola De Cecco, MD, PhD
  • Dual-Energy CT for Vascular Imaging of the Chest—U. Joseph Schoepf, MD
  • Use of Spectral CT for Vascular Imaging Optimization in the Abdomen—Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, MD
  • Case Review

Module 5—Gastrointestinal DECT

  • Dual-Energy CT: Implications in Liver Imaging—Amir A. Borhani, MD
  • Practical Dual-Energy CT of the Pancreas—Eric P. Tamm, MD
  • Abdominal Applications of Dual-Energy CT: Bowel—Mark Daniel Kovacs, MD
  • Case Review

Module 6—Problem Solving in Abdominal DECT

  • Dual-Energy CT of the Acute Abdomen—Desiree E. Morgan, MD
  • Abdominal Dual-Energy CT Contrast-Enhancement Considerations—Benjamin Yeh, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT: Pearls and Pitfalls—Zhen Jane Wang, MD
  • Case Review

Module 7—Genitourinary DECT

  • Dual-Energy CT in Renal Imaging—Jeremy Wortman, MD
  • Adrenal Imaging—Lisa M. Ho, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT for Gynecologic Malignancies—Priya Bhosale, MD
  • Case Review

Module 8—Musculoskeletal DECT

  • Gout and Arthritides—Savvas Nicolaou, MD
  • Imaging of Bone Marrow Edema and Hardware—Erin Colleen McCrum, MD
  • Case Review

Module 9—Multiorgan DECT

  • Pediatric Applications of Dual-Energy CT—Michael Gee, MD, PhD
  • Added Value of Dual-Energy in the Emergency Department—Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, PhD
  • Solutions to Your Dual-Energy CT Challenges—Daniele Marin, MD
  • Case Review

Module 10—DECT: Putting It All Together In Your Practice

  • Dual-Energy CT in the Emergency Department—Jennifer Watamura Uyeda, MD
  • Dual-Energy CT in the Outpatient Setting—Avinash Kambadakone-Ramesh, MD, FRCR
  • Dual-Energy CT in the Inpatient Setting—Giuseppe Vincenzo Toia, MD, MS
  • Case Review