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Penn Radiology – Breast Imaging State of the Art 2018

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 Penn Radiology – Breast Imaging State of the Art 2018

Topics And Speakers:


Session 1: Basics and Beyond

Highlights of New BI-RADS 5th Edition for Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI Susan P. Weinstein MD
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: What Does the Data Show? Emily F. Conant MD
Breast Ultrasound: Screening, Newer Techniques, and Applications Lori M. Strachowski MD
Case Based Implementation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Emily F. Conant MD
Breast Ultrasound: Evaluating Palpable and Non-Palpable Lesions Lori M. Strachowski MD

Session 2: Biopsies

Breast MR Interpretation Janice S. Sung MD
Breast Biopsies: Basics and Lessons Learned Christopher E. Comstock MD
High Risk Lesions Janice S. Sung MD
Panel Discussion

Session 3: Problem Solving Imaging I

Breast Density and Beyond: Risk Assessment in Breast Imaging Emily F. Conant MD
Imaging and Biology of DCIS Susan P. Weinstein MD
Basics of Breast Cancer Biology Emily F. Conant MD
Imaging of the Post-Op Breast? Susan P. Weinstein MD

Session 4: Problem Solving Imaging II

Lymph Nodes: What to Do When? Emily F. Conant MD
Management of Clinical Breast Problems Susan P. Weinstein MD
Panel Discussion: Problem Solving Breast Imaging

Session 5: Quality Improvement and What’s Next?

Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography Janice S. Sung MD
Review of BIRADs 3 Lesions – Why and Why Not? Susan P. Weinstein MD
Abbreviated Breast MR Christopher E. Comstock MD
Breast Imaging of Males and Transgender Individuals – Why, Who, When, Why? Lori M. Strachowski MD
False Negatives: Where Did We Go Wrong? Emily F. Conant MD
Challenging Clinical Cases Christopher E. Comstock MD


Release Date: 6/5/18
CME Expiration: 6/4/21