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PasTest MRCP Part 1 Qbank 2016

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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

With over 5,000 MRCP Part 1 questions, our resource provides all you need to maximise your performance in the exam.

The MRCP Part 1 exam covers a wide range of topics. Its ultimate aim is to test the knowledge you acquired as an undergraduate as well as the knowledge and experience you have attained so far in your postgraduate training. Mastery of these is critical to MRCP Part 1 success.

Preparation & Practice

Ensure you give yourself enough time to adequately prepare for the exam. Our data analysis emphasises that there is a strong and direct correlation between Pastest performance and MRCP Part 1 exam success.

Define a Strategy

It is important to strategise your MRCP Part 1 preparation. Set yourself targets and stick to them. Identify and prioritise your weak areas that feature heavily in the exam. Utilise our Track Me features to remain informed of your progress.

Know your Stuff

Simply churning through as many questions as you can won’t be enough to guarantee success in the MRCP Part 1 exam. Ensure you fully understand and learn from each question, and utilise our Dynamic Explanations to aid your learning.

Test Yourself

Pastest is the only provider that offers a range of Past Papers featuring themes sourced from recent MRCP Part 1 exams. Make use of these throughout your preparation, and ramp up the frequency as the exam draws closer.

Delivery Method

you will receive download link of the course, the link will NOT expire and can be used anytime