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PACES4U Communication Skills Course for MRCP (Audio podcast)

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PACES4U Communication Skills Course for MRCP (Audio podcast)

*PACES4U delivers different types of courses tailored to the individual needs with emphasis on improving their clinical and communication skills with in short period of time largely helped by dedicated and experienced Consultant tutors with expertise in Speciality and teaching PACES for several years.

​*PACES4U was top of the best MRCP PACES courses in UK – “Choosing the right course” published in BMJ Career Oct 2015.

What is unique about PACES4U courses ? 
 Led by dedicated and experienced tutors
• Very large Clinical case bank of approximately 100 Cases
• There will be no repetition of cases
• Small groups of 5 – 6
• Allows time for each candidate to examine each individual clinical case
• One to one presentation and feed back for each clinical case
• We will refund entire amount if your exam happened to be on any of the course dates​

*Highlights of communication skills scenarios:
Copd Pneumonia for ITU care
Acute MI-a patient wanting to self discharge, how to handle?
Polycystic kidney disease
Oesophageal cancer-delayed diagnosis-how to deal with angry patient?
Drug abuse with infective endocarditis
Epilepsy-diagnosis, treatment, how to counsel regarding driving?
Stroke-relatives unhappy with care
Brain tumor(Astrocytoma)-breaking bad news station
Asthma-patient refusing treatment(steroids)-counselling station about pros vs cons
Meningococcal meningitis
NSAID-Renal failure investigation
HIV-breaking the bad news
DNAR (resuscitation decision)
Massive intracranial hemorrhage-breaking bad news station & brain death/organ donation counselling
Delayed bowel cancer diagnosis-dealing with angry patient
Empyema-need for chest drain
Dementia-feeding ptions
ERCP-probable pancratic cancer
Newly diagnosed diabetes
Dilated cardiomyopathy with AF
Myocardial infarction-counselling life style changes
Ethics (wife DNR on behalf of patient)
Multiple sclerosis-breaking bad news & explaining to patient the diagnosis & treatment
And many more