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Mastery of Primary and Secondary Mastopexy QMP

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Mastery of Primary and Secondary Mastopexy QMP

Mastery of Primary and Secondary Mastopexy

qmpby Bradley Calobrace, MD

Dr. Bradley Calobrace performs five different mastopexy breast surgeries with various combined procedures to enhance aesthetic results in this educational video series. Each case is shown from preoperative evaluation, discussing markings and surgical plan including different designs and pedicle options, to detailed step-by-step technique with tips to improve outcomes and avoid complications, and postoperative results. Dr. Calobrace discusses pertinent anatomy and operative approaches, including a central pedicle mastopexy with mesh support, primary and secondary augmentation mastopexy with mesh support, mastopexy with autoaugmentation and explantation with mastopexy, and autoaugmentation and fat grafting.

Ancillary techniques are highlighted, including popcorn and suture capsulorrhaphy, mirror capsulotomy, capsulectomy indications and technique, liposuction, and axillary breast excision. Viewers are sure to pick up valuable tips and tricks for performing mastopexy in this informative video series with Dr. Calobrace.

Surgeries Include:

  • Case 1:  Central Pedicle Mastopexy Reduction With Mesh Support
  • Case 2:  Secondary Mastopexy With Implant Exchange, Popcorn Capsulorrhaphy With Mesh Reinforcement, and Bilateral Axillary Breast Excision
  • Case 3:  Superior Mastopexy With Lower Pole Transposition Autoaugmentation
  • Case 4:  Primary Augmentation Mastopexy With Mesh Reinforcement
  • Case 5:  Explanation and Total Capsulectomy With Superiorly Based Mastopexy, Autoaugmentation, and Fat Grafting

 5 Cases With 7 Hours of Operative Video.  2021.