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Lower Extremity Reconstruction

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5 Videos
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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

by Joon Pio (J.P.) Hong, MD, PhD, MMM and Hyun-suk (Peter) Suh, MD, PhD

Dr. Hong and his team reconstruct a variety of lower extremity defects with microsurgery techniques in this video library. Each case includes discussion of preoperative presentation, demonstration of Doppler to check perforators, dissection and elevation of donor ALT flap (special emphasis on elevation of the ALT flap in various planes), closure of donor site, inset of flap into recipient site, and discussion of immediate postoperative care. In addition to three cases, viewers will benefit from an introductory segment on how to evaluate the patient preoperatively, and how to elevate and harvest the donor flap.

Surgeries Included:

  • Introduction:  How to Perform Preoperative Evaluation, Flap Elevation, and Harvest of Donor Flap, Including Technical Tips & Tricks
  • Case 1:  Reconstruction of Exposed Tibia After Recurrent Sarcoma Excision Using ALT Flap
  • Case 2:  ALT Flap for Scar Revision and Coverage of Exposed Tibia
  • Case 3:  Reconstruction of Melanoma Resection on Dorsum of Foot (With Coverage of Two Missing Toes) Using ALT Flap
  • Case 4:  Elevation of ALT on Subfascial, Suprafascial, Combined Subfascial/Suprafascial, and Superficial Fascial Plane

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