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Innovative Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

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Innovative Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Available in HD Streaming. 12 hours of operative video.


by Bryan Mendelson, MD

Master facial anatomist and Aesthetic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan Mendelson, performs four facial rejuvenation surgeries in this library. Viewers are certain to benefit from Dr. Mendelson’s demonstration of meticulous technique informed by his wealth of anatomic knowledge. Each case contains a thorough review of the patient’s preoperative appearance and surgical goals.
Step-by-step procedure is demonstrated from local anesthesia infiltration to closure, including approach and rationale, tips to avoid complications and maximize results and outcome, and a particular emphasis on anatomy throughout. Techniques include tarsal fixation upper blepharoplasty, Limited Dissection Composite Face Lift, coronal brow lift, superficial temporal lift, skeletal augmentation using hydroxyapatite granules, and lipoinfiltration using the Lipogems® system.
This library also includes two collections of technique clips highlighting Hydroxyapatite Facial Augmentation, and Lipoinfiltration With Lipogems® System. Viewers can choose to watch these specific techniques within the context of the full-length surgical cases, or emphasized in the collection videos.
Surgical procedures and technique collections include:
Case 1
Comprehensive Upper Lid Rejuvenation Combining Tarsal Fixation Blepharoplasty With Lipoinfiltration and Outer Brow Bone Augmentation
Case 2
Upper Lid and Brow Rejuvenation Combining Tarsal Fixation Blepharoplasty and Coronal Brow Lift With Corrugator Resection, Fascia Graft, and Lipoinfiltration; Mid-Cheek Enhancement With Skeletal Augmentation and Lipoinfiltration; Perioral Refreshment
Case 3
Facial Rejuvenation Combining Composite Face Lift With Posterior Platysma Suspension, Tarsal Fixation Upper Lid Blepharoplasty With Lipoinfiltration, Bone Augmentation to Maxilla and Mandible, and Lipoinfiltration to Perioral Area and Chin
Case 4
Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation Combining Composite Face Lift and Superficial Temporal Lift, Drill Hole Canthopexy for Secondary Correction of Lower Lid Malposition, Bone Augmentation of Midface and Prejowl, and Lipoinfiltration of Brows, Jawline, and Lips
Focus on Technique, Collection 1
Hydroxyapatite Facial Augmentation
Focus on Technique, Collection 2
Lipoinfiltration With Lipogems® System