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GULFCOAST Urology Ultrasound 2020 (GCUS)

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GULFCOAST Urology Ultrasound 2020

The Urology Ultrasound online course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of commonly performed urology ultrasound examinations including renal, urinary bladder, prostate, scrotal and penile ultrasound. Scan techniques, normal ultrasound characteristics, and sonographic findings associated with commonly seen pathology, including multiple case studies.

The online course has 7 modules with post-module interactive quizzes, and 12-months unlimited access. The lectures are presented by leading ultrasound experts and the online format provides the flexibility of completing the course at a time convenient to the learner. Coordinate a hands-on workshop to refine scanning skills and receive 3 additional months access to the online course.

– State the clinical indications for performing ultrasound evaluation of the kidneys and urinary bladder
– Recognize renal sonographic anatomy including commonly seen anomalies and pathology
– List examination protocols and scan techniques for the ultrasound evaluation of the prostate.
– Recognize ultrasound characteristics of commonly seen prostate pathology
– Outline protocols for the ultrasound evaluation of the scrotum/testicles.
– Identify normal and abnormal scrotal ultrasound characteristics.
– State clinical indications for performing penile ultrasound and recognize normal and abnormal findings

– Imaging Fundamentals: The Basics
– Abdominal Sonography Anatomy and Scan Fundamentals
– Renal Anatomy, Scan Techniques, & Normal sonographic Characteristics
– Renal Pathology
– Ultrasound Evaluation of the Urinary Bladder
– Prostate Anatomy, Scan Techniques, and Normal Sonographic Findings
– Prostate Pathology
– Scrotal Anatomy, Scan Techniques & Normal Ultrasound Characteristics
– Scrotal Pathology
– Penile Ultrasound: Normal and Abnormal Findings
– Urology Case Studies

Date of Original Release: 11/13/2020

This edition valid for credit through: 11/13/2023