Gulfcoast Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound 2019 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

Gulfcoast Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound 2019

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Gulfcoast Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound 2019


Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound Online Course provides participants with a strong foundation to perform the core ultrasound applications as outlined in the ACEP and AIUM ultrasound practice guidelines. The program is taught by leading ultrasound expert physicians and sonographers to provide the perfect balance of physicians’ clinical experience and sonographers expertise.


– Demonstrate the participant’s knowledge to better perform and/or interpret pediatric emergency and critical care ultrasound examinations.
– State the basic fundamentals of ultrasound physics and demonstrate appropriate optimization of system controls.
– Identify normal imaging characteristics of the pediatric urinary tract and recognize commonly seen pathology associated with renal disease and the GI tract in infants and children.
– Demonstrate protocols for evaluation of the trauma patient (FAST).
– Demonstrate ultrasound protocols for evaluation of pneumothorax, pneumonia and endotracheal tube placement.
– Recognize the benefits of Ultrasound-Guided Procedures such as vascular access and lumbar puncture.
– Perform a focused cardiac ultrasound examination on a pediatric patient.
– State the benefits of soft-tissue and MSK ultrasound in the pediatric patient.
– Demonstrate a focused two-point venous evaluation for DVT.
– Perform testicular ultrasound and recognize commonly seen abnormalities.
– Demonstrate confidence to incorporate protocols, techniques and interpretation criteria to improve diagnostic/treatment accuracy.

Topics And Speakers:

 – Imaging Fundamentals: The Basics
– The Pediatric E-FAST Exam
– Pediatric Genitourinary System
– Pediatric Gastrointestinal Tract
– Pediatric Abdominal Case Studies
– Advanced Thoracic Applications
– Focused Cardiac Assessment of the Pediatric Patient
– Shock and Hypotension: RUSH protocol
– Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
– Soft-Tissue and MSK Applications in the Pediatric Patient
– Ultrasound Evaluation of the Scrotum/Testicular
– Ultrasound Evaluation of DVT
– Pediatric Head & Neck