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CCME Emergency Medicine Boot Camp

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CCME Emergency Medicine Boot Camp Self-Study Course
Advanced EM Pharmacology Workshop

Topics And Speakers:


EM boot camp topics 

Introduction to the Course (10:24)
Taking it to the Next Level: Medical Apps (14:56)
Approach to the ED Patient (27:42)
Headaches, Don’t Miss the Serious Ones (36:54)
Vital Signs, Keys to Risk Avoidance (27:08)
Sinus, Nose and Tooth Ailments (26:03)
TIAs and Strokes, State of the Art (33:19)
Hypertension and Syncope (32:53)
Question and Answer Session (17:50)
The Future of Advanced Practice Clinicians in EM (36:27)
Ear Disorders, Newest Approaches (33:35)
Essential Charting Concepts (22:57)
Analgesics and Procedural Sedation (31:37)
Upper Abdominal Disorders (34:26)
Elbow and Forearm Complaints (19:51)
Supervision Essentials (15:29)
Question and Answer Session (33:15)
What You Must Know to Avoid Being Sued (37:16)
Acute Coronary Syndrome, Essential Concepts (26:59)
CHF, Myo-Pericarditis (26:41)
Neuropsychiatric Disorders (38:24)
Cardiac Dysrhythmias (32:52)
Dermatology – Rashes to Anaphylaxis (21:11)
Essential Pediatrics (35:39)
Question and Answer Session (22:07)
Asthma and COPD Exacerbations (32:13)
Pediatric Rashes (27:55)
Electrolyte Disorders (32:02)
Soft Tissue Injuries, Optimizing Care (25:07)
Soft Tissue Infections, Routine vs Deadly (31:53)
Pediatric Infections, A Consistent Approach (26:44)
Question and Answer Session (32:07)
Adult Chest Disorders: Part 1 (32:15)
Hip and Pelvis Disorders, Don’t Miss the Subtle Ones (29:49)
Eyes, Essential Diagnosis and Treatment (30:17)
Colds and Flu: Not So Straight Forward: Part 1 (26:55)
Colds and Flu: Not So Straight Forward: Part 2 (31:09)
Back Disorders, Don’t Miss the Red Flags (31:58)
Adult Chest Disorders: Part 2 (31:35)
Question and Answer Session (20:59)
Endocrine / Acid-Base Disorders (33:28)
Hand and Wrist Problems (31:14)
Oropharyngeal and Neck Disorders (32:14)
Environmental Conditions (33:33)
Cervical Spine Disorders, Most Benign, Some Not (20:10)
STIs Current Diagnosis and Treatment (28:42)
Shoulder Disorders, A Systematic Approach (29:51)
Question and Answer Session (20:36)
Knee Disorders (32:47)
Pregnancy / Vaginal Bleeding, Core Concepts (32:13)
Head Trauma, Keys to Judicious Assessment (30:58)
Ankle and Foot Conditions (27:42)
Lower Abdominal Disorders (30:57)
Urology, Rapid Assessment and Treatment (54:13)

Advanced EM Pharmacology Workshop topics 

Antimicrobial Therapy: An Empiric Approach (1h, 15m)
The ABCs of Respiratory/Allergy: Anticholinergic, Beta Agonists, Corticosteroids, Antihistamines (32:25)
OB/GYN/GU: Tocolytics, Hormones, Alpha-Blockers (33:07)
Cardiovascular Meds - Part 1: Vasoactives, Inotropes, and Chronotropes (46:08)
Medications for Chronic Conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease (33:17)
IV Fluids - When? Why? Which Ones? (22:59)
Cardiovascular Meds - Part 2: Antiarrhythmic, Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets, Fibrinolytics, and TXA (52:11)
GI: Medications Antiemetics, Acid Control, and Antidiarrheals (21:40)
CNS: Sedation, Antipsychotics, Paralytics, AEDs (39:04)
Toxicology: Common Ingestants, Drugs of Abuse, Reversal Agents (1h, 02m)
Pain Control: Opioids, Non-Opioids, Local Anesthetics, Migraine Abortive Meds (43:37)