Duke Radiology Abdominal, Thoracic and Pelvic Imaging 2017 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

Duke Radiology Abdominal, Thoracic and Pelvic Imaging 2017

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 Duke Radiology Abdominal, Thoracic and Pelvic Imaging 2017

Topics And Speakers:


Session 1: Thoracic Imaging

Screening and Early Detection of Lung Cancer Edward F. Patz M.D.
Interventional Procedures in the Thorax Edward F. Patz M.D.
PET Imaging & Lung Cancer Edward F. Patz M.D.

Session 2: Incidental Lesions, Gallbladder, Adrenal & Pancreas

Management of the Incidental Lesion in Abdominal Imaging Tracey Jaffe M.D.
Acute and Chronic Manifestations of Gallbladder Disease Rajan Gupta M.D.
Imaging Workup of the Incidental Adrenal Nodule Lisa Ho M.D.
Imaging of the Pancreas Lisa Ho M.D.

Session 3: Abdominal Trauma and Interventions

Essentials of Abdominal Trauma Rajan Gupta M.D.
Intravascular Foreign Bodies Paul Suhocki M.D.
Portal Systemic Shunts in the Non-Cirrhotic Patient Paul Suhocki M.D.

Session 4: Prostate and Colorectal Imaging

Prostate MRI Primer Tracey Jaffe M.D.
Current Concepts in Multiparametric Prostate MR Rajan Gupta M.D.
Imaging of Colorectal Malignancy: Update Tracey Jaffe M.D.

Session 5: Women’s Imaging

Breast MRI: Indications and Updates Sujata Ghate M.D.
Incidental Enhancing Lesions on Breast MRI: What Do I Do With This? Sujata Ghate M.D.
Imaging of Breast Implants and Reconstruction Sujata Ghate M.D.
Gynecologic Ultrasound Sujata Ghate M.D.
Female Pelvic MRI Lisa Ho M.D.

Session 6: Hot Topics

Practical Approach to MR Imaging with Hepatobiliary Specific Contrast Agents Rajan Gupta M.D.
Innovative Solutions for Abdominal/Pelvic MR Protocol Optimization Rajan Gupta M.D.
Challenges and Solutions to Imaging the Obese Patient Rajan Gupta M.D.
Practical IT for the Practicing Radiologist Christopher Roth M.D.

Session 7: Cases

Interesting Cases in Abdominal Imaging Lisa Ho M.D.
Bowel Imaging Cases for Aces Tracey Jaffe M.D.
Interesting Thoracic Cases Edward F. Patz M.D.
PET/CT Case-based Review: Physiologic, Non-Physiologic, Benign or Malignant? Olga James M.D.
Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty Members


Accreditation Date: 8/1/17
CME Expiration5/14/18