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Doctors in Training USMLE Step 3 2018 (Videos)

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Doctors in Training USMLE Step 3 2018 (Videos)

Doctors in Training USMLE Step 3 2018

The Doctors In Training Step 3 Review Course will help you excel on Step 3 without derailing your resident work schedule.

2018 Step 3 Review Course Release Schedule:

All components of the 2018 Step 3 Review Course have been released. The 2018 Step 3 course study guide will be mailed within 48 business hours of purchase.

What’s Included

Part 1 Clinical Questions Covers a variety of clinical scenarios and diseases including biostatistics and medical ethics.

  • Unlimited access1 from time of purchase through exam
  • 370 open-ended clinical questions and video answers
  • Step 3 Study Guide and also posted on your dashboard as downloadable PDFs
  • Organized into sets of 10 questions for efficiency
  • Question sets arranged by specialty including Rheumatology, Nephrology and Obstetrics
  • Video Answers and explanations accompany each question set

Part 2 video series 37 concise, focused and efficient videos covering commonly tested clinical topics such as Neonatal Respiratory Distress, Syncope, Amenorrhea and Hematuria.

  • More than 10 hours of videos (average video is approximately 20 minutes each)
  • Each video includes an End of Session Quiz to review the highest-yield material
  • Includes a video devoted to strategies for success on the Computer-Based Case Simulations (CCS)
  • High-yield questions, notes, diagrams, study hints and quizzes accompany the videos and are found in the Step 3 Study Guide