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Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2022

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Course Format:

44 Videos + 2 PDFs
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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

This online CME program begins with an overview of breast MRI, moves into state-of-the-art coverage of breast imaging, then wraps up with breast ultrasound. It offers a unique learning opportunity for diagnostic radiologists, breast imaging specialists, technologists, and other healthcare providers interested in breast radiology.

Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging features leading clinical educators from major academic medical centers who present didactic lectures, case reviews, and guided continuing medical education instruction of:

  • Advanced breast tomosynthesis
  • Automated breast ultrasound interpretation
  • Advanced ultrasound technologies and their impact on diagnosis
  • Emerging breast imaging technologies

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this CME activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the use of MRI in defining extent of disease in the newly diagnosed woman
  • List a key component to acquiring good quality breast MR images
  • Evaluate options for multiparametric MRI
  • Describe the concept of Abbreviated Breast MRI (AB-MR) in screening average risk women with dense breasts
  • List an indication for MR biopsy
  • Assess the added value of vascular breast imaging over anatomic breast imaging
  • Describe the basic approach to analyzing breast MRI studies
  • Understand different types of MR enhancement
  • Recognize the similarities between BI-RADS for MRI and mammography
  • Understand the different patterns and accuracies of assessing response to Neoadjuvant treatment
  • Identify common findings that are classically benign on breast MRI

Intended Audience

This educational activity was planned for diagnostic radiologists, breast imaging specialists, technologists, and other healthcare providers interested in breast radiology.


Breast MRI

Breast MRI in the Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient – Debra Monticciolo, MD, FACR

Optimizing Breast MR Image Quality – Tips for Troubleshooting – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

How We Can Improve Upon Routine Breast MRI – Maxine S. Jochelson, MD

Results of the EA-1141 Abbreviated Breast MRI Trial – Christopher E. Comstock, MD, FACR

MRI of the Post-Surgical Breast – Reduction, Reconstruction, and Implants – Debra Monticciolo, MD, FACR

Breast MR Biopsy – From Basics to Tips and Tricks – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Vascular Breast Imaging – MRI vs CEDM – Maxine S. Jochelson, MD

Workstation Readout and Reporting of Breast MRI – Christopher E. Comstock, MD, FACR

Breast MRI Teaching Cases – Debra Monticciolo, MD, FACR

Breast MRI BI-RADS, Challenging and Confusing Scenarios – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Breast MRI in the Neoadjuvant Setting – Maxine S. Jochelson, MD

Clearly Benign Lesions on Breast MRI – Christopher E. Comstock, MD, FACR

Breast Imaging – I

False-negative Mammography Outcomes – Causes – Edward A. Sickles, MD

Subtle Mammographic Signs of Malignancy – Edward A. Sickles, MD

Everything You Wanted to Know About Breast Pain…But Were Afraid to Ask – Daniel Herron, MD

Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Breast Cancer – Daniel Herron, MDM

Challenges and Pitfalls in Tomosynthesis-Guided Biopsies – Catherine S. Giess, MD

Approach to a Mammogram – Beyond the Basics – Michael J. Ulissey, MD, FACR

Interesting Multi-Modality Breast Imaging Cases – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Interactive MRI Case Review – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Alternatives to Needle Wire Localization – Daniel Herron, MD

Cases in Patient Management, Including Mammography in the Day of COVID – Michael J. Ulissey, MD, FACR

Plaudits in Audits: Making Mammography Better – Michael N. Linver, MD

Breast Medicolegal Issues Part 1 – To Flee or Not Flee? – Michael N. Linver, MD

Breast Medicolegal Issues Part 2 – Case Studies – Michael N. Linver, MD

Breast Imaging – II

Optimizing Practice Efficiency with the MQSA Audit – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Evaluation and Management of Asymmetries – A Multimodality Approach – Catherine S. Giess, MD

Advances in Preoperative Localization Techniques – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Emerging Technologies: Radiogenomics and Artificial Intelligence – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Risk Assessment Models and Potential Screening Applications – Daniel Herron, MD

Applications of AI in Breast MRI – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Diffusion Weighted Imaging – Is It Ready for Primetime? – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

MRI Safety – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Breast Imagers as Patient Advocates – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD

Abbreviated and Ultra-fast Breast MRI – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Tune Up Your Biopsy Techniques – Daniel Herron, MD

Breast Ultrasound

An Update on BI-RADS for Breast Ultrasound – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Whole Breast US Scanning – Techniques and Methods – Daniel Herron, MD

Breast Cancer Screening Using Automated 3D US – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy and Other Interventional Procedures – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Supplemental US Screening – Case Presentations – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Ultrasound of Pregnant and Lactating Patients – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Nuts and Bolts of Screening Ultrasound and ABUS Implementation – Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD

Pearls and Pitfalls of Ultrasound Screening – Daniel Herron, MD

Date of Original Release: March 15, 2022
Date of Credit Termination: March 15, 2025

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