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ARRS Prostate MRI A Practice-Based Approach

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ARRS Prostate MRI A Practice-Based Approach

Full Video Course


Learn about the latest advancements and techniques in the rapidly growing field of prostate MRI—including the PI-RADS™ version 2 update and T2-weighted imaging—to improve your diagnostic skills. Delivered by renowned subject specialists, this Online Course offers leading-edge insights into emerging focal therapies, probable pitfalls, and much more.

Earn credit at your own pace through June 30, 2022 and continue to access your videos until July 1, 2026. See below for learning outcomes and a list of modules and individual lectures. 

Learning Outcomes and Modules

Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • distinguish between significant and insignificant prostate cancers and clinical outcomes
  • review the most commonly used components of a multiparametric prostate MRI examination
  • identify the appearance of a normal prostate, benign entities, low-grade tumors, and “significant” cancers with multiparametric MRI
  • apply DWI and angiotensin-converting enzyme appearance in the context of the examination as an aid in determining the clinical significance of a finding
  • appreciate the rapidly evolving options for targeted biopsy and focal treatment options
  • recognize the wide range of clinical settings where MRI can be a powerful diagnostic tool: screening, active surveillance, staging, recurrence identification, treatment planning, and treatment response evaluation.

Module 1

  • Introduction—Jelle Barentsz, MD, PhD
  • Prostate Cancer Background (Epidemiology and Pathology)—Theodorus van der Kwast, MD
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Options—Peter Pinto, MD 
  • MR Techniques (1.5 T vs 3 T, coil selection, patient preparation)—Rajan Gupta, MD 

Module 2

  • T2-Weighted Imaging – Anatomy, Staging, and TZ Cancers—Daniel Margolis, MD
  • Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate – Diffusion Weighted Imaging—Masoom Haider, MD
  • Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI—Sadhna Verma, MD
  • PI-RADS v.2—Jelle Barentsz, MD, PhD

Module 3

  • Tips and Pitfalls in Prostate MRI—Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD
  • MRI Incorporations in Screening and Active Surveillance—Antonio Carlos Westphalen, MD, PhD 
  • Recurrence Imaging and Management—Adam Froemming, MD

Module 4

  • Targeted Biopsy: Ultrasound Fusion vs. MRI in Bore—Peter Pinto, MD and Dan Sperling, MD
  • Emerging Focal Therapies—Jurgen Futterer, MD