ARRS Mass Casualty Incidents: Introduction for Imagers 2020 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

ARRS Mass Casualty Incidents: Introduction for Imagers 2020

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ARRS Mass Casualty Incidents: Introduction for Imagers 2020

Full Video Course


This Online Course begins with a thorough overview of mass casualty incidents (MCIs), followed by insights on specific MCI situations from the well-trained perspective of the military. The role of imaging in triaging MCI victims and its implementation into an institution's radiology department to increase throughput follows—breaking down the imaging process map into distinct discussions, from initial order entry to final report communication. Each step of this process is addressed with thought-provoking questions, accompanied by tips and strategies for improvement and integration into your own department.

Earn credit at your own pace through July 19, 2023 and continue to access your videos until July 20, 2030. See below for learning outcomes and a list of speakers and lectures.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • discuss the basic terminology of and fundamental concepts behind mass casualty incident response and management
  • recognize basic ways to modify CT protocols to streamline imaging work-up in MCIs
  • describe the role of radiology in a mass casualty incident
  • demonstrate the importance of simulation and exercise for MCI and what efforts are needed to conduct a proper exercise

Speakers and Lectures

  • Mass Casualty Incidents: An Introduction—S. Chong
  • MCI: Radiology Plan Development—R. Bilow
  • MCI Lessons Learned from a Military Radiologist—E. Roberge
  • MCI Strategies: Protocols, Processing, and PACS—C. Sliker
  • MCI Strategies: Staff, Scanners, and Stretchers—K. Linnau
  • MCI Strategies: Ordering and Communication—M. Bernstein
  • MCI Education Strategies—R. Bilow
  • MCI: Simulate to Stimulate—F. Berger