ARRS Deep Dive into Head and Neck Radiology 2020 - Medical Videos | Board Review Courses

ARRS Deep Dive into Head and Neck Radiology 2020

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ARRS Deep Dive into Head and Neck Radiology 2020

Full Video Course


Due to complex anatomy, challenges for optimal imaging, and complicated post-treatment appearances, the head and neck components of neuroradiology can be daunting for any radiologist. Patients with head and neck diseases are seen at every hospital level, so this Online Course covers the essentials of head and neck radiology, reviewing the pathologies that all radiologists will encounter. Learn from leading experts as they present a detailed “how-to" for protocolling and interpreting head and neck studies.

Earn credit at your own pace through September 20, 2023 and continue to access your videos until September 21, 2030. See below for learning outcomes and a list of modules and individual lectures.

Learning Outcomes and Lectures

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • describe typical imaging features of vascular lesions affecting the orbit
  • identify appropriate imaging protocols to image orbital infections and inflammatory conditions
  • describe the imaging workup and findings of common and uncommon causes of conductive hearing loss on cross-sectional neuroimaging, including temporal bone CT and MRI
  • recognize the important anatomy involved with SNHL
  • discuss imaging paradigms to evaluate a patient with primary hyperparathyroidism
  • describe the CT and MRI appearance of the most common benign and malignant sinonasal neoplasms and report what the surgeon wants to know 
  • identify how thyroid nodules metastasize and how to differentiate from other mimics

Module 1

  • Conductive Hearing Loss—N. Koontz
  • Pulsatile Tinnitus—P. Chapman
  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss—R. Wiggins
  • Orbital Anatomy, Infection, Inflammation—M. Jhaveri
  • Orbital Trauma—E. Quigley
  • Orbital Lesions: Tumors and Vascular Malformations—D. Shatzkes

Module 2

  • Sinonasal Anatomy and Inflammation—L. Ledbetter
  • Sinonasal Neoplasms and Mimics—K. Baugnon
  • Imaging Workup of CSF-Rhinnorhea—P. Rhyner
  • Cervical Lymphadenopathy—C. Glastonbury
  • Imaging of Thyroid Nodules Made Simple—M. Mamlouk
  • Imaging Workup of Hyperparathyroidism—C. D. Phillips