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ARRS Abdominal and Pelvic MRI

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ARRS Abdominal and Pelvic MRI

Full Video Course


Hear practical and cutting-edge lectures delivered by leading experts in MRI across a range of applications, including hepatic imaging, pancreaticobiliary disease, genitourinary disease, gynecology, gastrointestinal conditions, and more. On-Demand lectures will emphasize real-life clinical scenarios and tips and tricks to optimize performance and interpretation.

Earn credit at your own pace through October 31, 2022 and continue to access your videos until November 1, 2026. See below for learning outcomes and a list of modules and individual lectures. 

Learning Outcomes and Modules

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • perform and interpret body MRI at a high level across a range of applications
  • describe and implement LI-RADS for reporting of liver lesions in patients with cirrhosis
  • list updated concepts in prostate MRI, including PI-RADS and MRI targeted biopsy
  • list the indications for adding MRI to ultrasound in gynecologic disease
  • describe critical MRI findings in patients with diseases of the liver, pancreas, biliary system, gastrointestinal tract, and genitourinary system

Module 1 — Hepatic Imaging

  • Benign Hepatic Disease in the Noncirrhotic Liver—Dushyant Sahani, MD
  • Fat and Iron Quantification With MRI—Claude Sirlin, MD
  • Malignant Disease in the Noncirrhotic Liver—Dushyant Sahani, MD
  • LI-RADS: MRI Algorithm and Criteria—Claude Sirlin, MD

Module 2 — Pancreaticobiliary Disease

  • MRI of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma—Richard Semelka, MD
  • MRI of Atypical Solid Pancreatic Masses—Fergus Coakley, MD
  • MRCP and Biliary Disease—Courtney Moreno, MD
  • MRI of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions—Elena Korngold, MD

Module 3 — GU Disease

  • Recurrence Imaging and Management—Fergus Coakley, MD
  • MRI of Bladder, Urethra, Penis, Scrotum—Mark Lockhart, MD
  • Prostate MRI: An Update—Fergus Coakley, MD

Module 4 — Gynecology

  • Adnexal Masses: When to Use MRI—Liina Poder, MD
  • MRI of Fibroids: What's New?—Fergus Coakley, MD
  • MRI of Uterine Malignancy: Incremental Role of MRI—Liina Poder, MD
  • MRI of the Pelvic Floor—Mark Lockhart, MD

Module 5 — GI Disease

  • MRE and IBD—Kathryn Fowler, MD
  • Peri-anal Fistula—Elena Korngold, MD
  • Rectal Cancer—Kathryn Fowler, MD

Module 6 — Hot Topics

  • Update on Gadolinium Toxicity—Richard Semelka, MD
  • Hepatic Imaging with Gadoxetate (Eovist™)—Claude Sirlin, MD
  • Abdominal MRI for the Emergency Department—Courtney Moreno, MD