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ACC Anywhere 2022 (Videos + PDF slides)

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ACC Anywhere is a comprehensive digital library of more than 220 sessions from ACC.22. Purchase today and start expanding your knowledge of the field! With ACC Anywhere you can easily search and browse presentations and watch sessions anytime, anywhere with on demand access through March 1, 2023 Target Audience ACC Anywhere is intended for all professionals involved in delivering cardiovascular care, with particular emphasis on physicians, scientists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, and practice administrators. Medical students and trainees, technicians, dietitians and other health care professionals will also benefit. Educational Need and Goals Statement of Educational Need/Purpose With cardiovascular disease (CVD) remaining the leading cause of death globally, ACC Anywhere features hundreds of hours of late-breaking science and education designed to improve cardiovascular care.  Additionally, it provides perspectives from around the world, disseminating best practices in cardiovascular care and facilitating incorporation of practical solutions for all members of the cardiovascular care team. Educational Program Goals Through the educational content in ACC Anywhere, ACC aims to: – Promote cardiovascular science and education to a global audience – Provide a stimulating environment for sharing new knowledge and research with a goal of improving cardiovascular disease management for all patients – Facilitate translation of cardiovascular science to all members of the care team leading to high-quality, patient-centered care – Promote the use of new technologies to improve the delivery of healthcare in a dynamic environment – Address inequities in health care – Allow for examination and discussion of important contributions and controversies in cardiovascular care Program : Click here

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