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AAP Annual Meeting 2019

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AAP Annual Meeting 2019


Format: 42 Video Files



105th Annual Meeting

November 2-5, 2019

Chicago, IL, USA


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Reach over 2,500 decision makers at the most trusted industry event for periodontics!

Whether your company is interested in strengthening relationships with current customers or meeting prospective buyers, the AAP Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall connects you with key purchasers and decision makers all under one roof.

Topics And Speakers:


19AAP-AAPF01 Future Horizons in Periodontology Emerging Topics in Periodontal and Regenerative Sciences – 1920×1080 1006K

19AAP-ABP01 American Board Review Part 1

19AAP-ABP02 American Board Review Part 2

19AAP-CE01 The Periodontist’s Role in Airway Management and Wellness

19AAP-CE02 Bringing Niche Skillsets to the Collaborative Dental Team

19AAP-CE03 Navigating Change Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships, and Transitions

19AAP-CE04 Managing an Anterior Tooth with Advanced Periodontal Disease An Interactive Session

19AAP-CE05 Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction Harnessing Technology and Minimizing Risk

19AAP-CE06 Periodontal Osseous Surgery Why Do I Need to Consider This

19AAP-EV01 Conscious Sedation and the Periodontist

19AAP-EV02 Dental Hygiene Symposium

19AAP-EV03 2019 Osteology Foundation-AAP Foundation-AAP Regeneration Symposium Implant Complications Etiology

19AAP-EV04 Predoctoral Educators Workshop

19AAP-EV10 Postdoctoral Educators Workshop

19AAP-EV13 More on the New Periodontal Disease Classification Shades of Grey

19AAP-FCE01 Restorative Needs and Options the Periodontist Needs to Know

19AAP-FCE02 “Where’s the Bone ” Utilizing the Zygomatic Implant and Non-Alveolar-Extra-Alveolar Implant Support

19AAP-FCE03 Getting to “YES” Secrets for Successful Relationships with Your Patients

19AAP-FCE04 Killer Smile Periodontitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiac Disease and Kidney Disease

19AAP-FCE05 The Role of Growth Factors in Soft Tissue Grafts

19AAP-FCE06 Implant Placement Timing and Optimal Soft Tissue Esthetics for Anterior Single Implants

19AAP-FCE07 Osseodensification Myth vs Reality

19AAP-FCE08 The Periodontist and the Opioid Crisis

19AAP-FCE09 Using Digital Workflow for Planned Reconstruction

19AAP-FCE10 Thinking Out of the Box Comparison of Various Surgical Approaches for the Enhancement

19AAP-FCE11 The Winners Circle

19AAP-FCE12 Unique and Effective Management and Marketing Secrets

19AAP-FCE13 The Socket Shield Technique Hype or Reality

19AAP-FCE14 Radiographs and the Periodontist What Do You See

19AAP-FCE15 The Team Approach for Predictable Esthetics

19AAP-FCE16 Predictability of Long-Term Success of Periodontal Therapy You Get What You Give

19AAP-FCE18 Best Evidence Consensus on Changing Gingival Phenotype in Preparation for Othodontic and Restorative Treatment

19AAP-GS02 Timing of Implant Placement Immediate or Delayed When, Where, and How

19AAP-GS03 Use of Digital Design in Treatment Planning and Tissue Reconstruction

19AAP-GS04 Management of Surgical Complications Via Soft Tissue Grafts

19AAP-GS05 An Interactive Session on Managing the Failing Dental Implant

19AAP-IP01 Advances in Periodontics Session 1

19AAP-IP02 Advances in Periodontics Session 2

19AAP-IP03 Rising Stars

19AAP-IP04 Perio Open Mic

19AAP-WS01 AAP Journals Workshop Focus on Peer Review

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