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2021 AABB Virtual Annual Meeting

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Course Format:

85 MP4 + 85 MP3 + 103 PDFs
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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

On-Demand presentations from the 2021 AABB Virtual Annual Meeting held October 17-19, 2021. Immediate access is granted via the AABB Education Platform

Program : 

– 01 The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on the Future Landscape of Education and Training in Transfusion Medicine
– 02 Maintaining an Adequate Platelet and Plasma Supply Through a Multifaceted Approach to Avoid Critical Shortages
– 03 Challenges in Apheresis Cellular Collections during the COVID 19 Pandemic
– 04 Wizardry School of Antigens and Antibodies
– 05 Cryoprecipitated Anti Hemophiliac Factor Challenges
– 06 Oral Abstract Session Blood Donation
– 07 Coverage and Reimbursement Policy for Transfusion Me. Hospitals Need to Know in 2021
– 08 Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals I Immunohematology Building Blocks
– 09 Transfusion Medicine Access in Resource Constrained
– 10 Exploring Atypical and Complex Transfusion Reactions
– 11 Desarrollo De Terapia Celular En Latino América Cellular Therapy Development in Latin America
– 12 Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals
– 13 Therapeutic Phlebotomy Providing a Simple and Effective Treatment
– 14 Evolving Use of Rh Antigen Genotyping for Improved Red Cell Transfusion Matching
– 15 Pediatric Cellular Therapy An Overview from Collection
– 16 Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals
– 18 Quality Essentials for Blood Banks Transfusion Service
– 19 Informatics Tools for Transfusion Support of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplant Recipients
– 20 Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals IV
– 21 Challenges and Triumphs from the Implementation of Major Donor Eligibility Changes during a Global Pandemic
– 22 How to Handle Challenging Apheresis Consults
– 23 Creating the Blood Center Infrastructure for Biother
– 24 Hot Topic Men Who Have Sex with Men MSM Movement Toward Individual Risk Assessment
– 25 New Insights and Drug Development for Ineffective Erythropoiesis in Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease
– 26 Ethics of Engaging Blood Donors for Cell Therapy Biotherapy Collections
– 27 Updates in Intrauterine and Manual Red Cell Exchange
– 28 Oral Abstract Session Blood Product Manufacturing and Storage
– 29 Hot Topic Cryopreservation of HPCs During a Pandemic
– 30 Leading the Way in a Time of Transformation Experience
– 31 Overcoming Inventory Management Hurdles in a Rural Versus Urban Transfusion Service
– 32 Incorporating Clinical Cellular Therapy Laboratory Education Experiences into Graduate Medical Education GME Training
– 33 Plenary Oral Abstract Session
– 34 Late Breaking Oral Abstract Session
– 35 Leveraging the Electronic Health Record to Better Perform Hemovigilance in Hospital Based Settings
– 36 Oral Abstract Session Immunohematology and Rare Donors
– 37 The Dilemma of Anti Donor Human Leukocyte Antigen Antibodies and ABO Mismatch in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
– 38 Crucial Conversations about Structural Racism Equitable Access to Healthcare
– 39 Optimization of Progenitor Cell Sources for Hematopoetic Cell Transplantation
– 40 Challenging Antibody Identifications in the Immunology Reference Laboratory
– 41 Metabolic and Hemostatic Changes Contributing to Severe Disease in COVID 19 Patients
– 42 Creating a Meaningful Self Assessment Program for Your Transfusion Service
– 43 Histocompatibility Cases in Hematopoietic Stem Cell
– 44 Assessment and Treatment of COVID 19 Coagulopathy
– 45 New Developments in Optimizing Transfusion Management
– 46 Oral Abstract Session Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy Innovation
– 47 Red Blood Cell Transfusion of Preterm Infants in the 21st Century High Level Evidence to Guide Practice
– 48 Oral Abstract Session Innovation in Apheresis and other Therapeutic Approaches
– 49 Tips and Tools to Overcome Challenges and Negotiate Partnerships for Biotherapy Trials
– 50 Oral Abstract Session Transfusion Medicine Adverse Events Pediatric and Adult
– 51 Telapheresis Telemedicine in Apheresis in the Era of the Sars Cov 2 Pandemic Will This Become a New Normal
– 52 Financial Challenges in the Age of Cell and Gene Therapies
– 53 Future Trends in Cell Gene Therapy Developments in the Field of Personalized Medicine
– 54 World Health Organization Programs to Develop Improved Global Transfusion Practices and Patient Safety
– 55 The Impact of Using a Smart Storage Radio Frequency
– 56 COVID 19 Convalescent Plasma Impact on Donation Safe
– 57 Stop Data Entry Errors Now
– 58 COVID 19 Convalescent Plasma Donor Recruitment Collection and use
– 59 Does Your Massive Transfusion Protocol Require Massive Revision
– 60 Apheresing Heartbreak Etiology and Treatment of Antibody Mediated Cardiac Allograft Rejection
– 61 A Blood Center Physician’s Group Run Outpatient Clinic Getting Paid for Services Rendered
– 62 Blood Supply and Role of Patient Blood Management PBM in Hospital Transfusion Services during COVID 19 Pandemic Lessons Learned
– 63 Under Cyberattack at the University of Vermont Medication
– 64 Using Quarantechnology to Keep Your Distance Lessons
– 65 Optimizing Electronic Medical Records for the Transfusion
– 66 Bloody Errors How Humans Are Hardwired to Make Mistakes and What Steps We Can Do in the Blood Bank to Prevent Them
– 68 In Vitro and In Vivo Evidence for the Use of Cold Stored Platelets
– 69 Patient Blood Management in Merging Hospitals How Do You Keep the Momentum Going
– 70 Physician Communicators Utilizing Blood Center Medical Directors to Increase Blood Collections
– 71 Leadership and the Importance of Emotional Intelligence
– 72 FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Oversight during a Public Health Emergency
– 73 Desafíos Inmunohematológicos Serología Molecular y Estudios Para La Identificación De Anticuerpos Plaquetarios
– 74 Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA Reference Cell Lines and Sequences for Precision Medicine
– 75 Strategies to Address Critical Stresses on the Platelet Inventory
– 76 The Stop Go Signals for B Cells Responses
– 77 Entertainment Industry and Transfusion Medicine Creative Collaborations
– 78 Building the Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Evidence
– 79 Current Guidelines and Future Studies in Pediatric Transfusion Medicine
– 80 Topicos De Actualidad En El Banco De Sangre. Current Topics in the Blood Bank
– 82 Ask the FDA and CMS CLIA
– 83 Ask the Standards
– 84 Identifying Current and Future Best Practices in Perinatal Patient Testing and Care
– 85 A New Look at Two Familiar Topics Platelet Transfusion
– 86 AABB ISCT Joint Working Group Project Updates
– 91 Solve It Scenarios in Cellular Therapy
– 92 AABB Cellular Starting Material Forum

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