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Osler Otolaryngology 2021 Online Review

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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

This comprehensive review is designed to help you pass your Otolaryngology exams as well as to update your clinical knowledge base. Emphasis is on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating new concepts and treatments. As a result, it provides a good review for the ABOto Qualifying and MOC exams, the Oral Certification exam, and a thorough update for practicing physicians. The course includes didactic lectures with embedded review questions and an online multiple-choice test to reinforce the approaches and strategies discussed. Emphasis is on evidence-based practice and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating new concepts and testing strategies including an extensive review of head neck surgery and imaging, oral cancers, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty as well as ear disorders and hearing loss. Many of our previous participants found the course provided them with: improved diagnostic and planning strategies, a better understanding of the best surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches for the principal areas covered by head and neck surgeons, and helped them recognize areas of weakness for further study.


At the conclusion of this course, each participant will be able to:
  1. Summarize the etiology, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, and common complications for all major disorders covered by the medical specialty of Otolaryngology
  2. Describe and employ appropriate diagnostic and assessment procedures
  3. Discuss reasonable and appropriate treatment plans for medical and/or surgical management for all major Otolaryngologic disorders
  4. Understand and identify appropriate surgical approaches and what facilities are required
  5. Describe appropriate habilitation and rehabilitation approaches
  6. Outline the basics of diagnosing and treating head and neck cancer
  7. Explain the necessity for and how to perform safe techniques for pediatric tonsillectomy

Faculty & Topics

Robert A. Battista

Assistant Professor Northwestern University Medical School Ear Institute of Chicago Hinsdale, IL Facial Nerve, Cochlear Implants, Hearing Amplification

Aaron Benson, MD

Board Certified Neurotologist Division of Otology and Neurotology Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Aurora Healthcare Medical Group Skull Base Surgery, Vestibular Patient Workup, Audiology Vestibular Testing

Nipun Chhabra, MD

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Case Western Reserve University Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sinus, and Rhinology

Nicole Cipriani, MD

Assistant Professor of Pathology University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Head and Neck Pathology

Karuna Dewan, MDKaruna Dewan, MD

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Stanford University Laryngology, Laryngeal Cancer Cases, and Oral Cavity Cancer

Anthony Del Signore MD

Assistant Professor Director of Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Mount Sinai Beth Israel Allergy and Immunology

Michael B. Gluth, MD, FACS

Otology and Neurotology University of Chicago Conductive Hearing Loss, The Chronic Ear, Complications of Otitis Media, Otologic Medicine, Congenital Hearing Loss

Tang Ho, MD, FACS

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery The University of Texas – Houston Blepharoplasty and Browlift,  Facelift and Flaps

Paras Khandhar, MD, FAAP

Attending, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Beaumont Children’s Lead Inpatient Physician Informaticist – Beaumont Health Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Evidenced-Based Medicine and Statistics

Olga Pasternak Wise MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology Section University of Chicago Hospitals, Head and Neck Imaging

Diana Ponsky, MD, FACS

PONSKY FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty,

Louis Portugal, MD

Professor of Otolaryngology University of Chicago Management of the Thyroid Mass, Surgical Management of Parathyroid, Parapharyngeal Space Mass, HIV in Head and Neck, Head and Neck Surgery Complications, Salivary Glands Neoplasms,  The Management of the Neck Mass, Head and Neck Cases

Jay Shah, MD

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Case Western Reserve University Caustic Ingestions and Foreign Bodies, Pediatric Neck Masses, Aerodigestive Traumatic Injuries in the Pediatric Patient, and Pediatric Airway Disease Release Date: October 18, 2021

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