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GCUS The Fetal Heart Screening Exam 2021 (VIDEOS)

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Course Contents (Overview, Topics/Speakers)

The Fetal Heart Screening online course is designed to provide a comprehensive review of fetal heart development and anatomy and how to acquire the images required to successfully integrate fetal heart screening into the 2nd trimester ultrasound evaluation as recommended by the AIUM ultrasound practice guidelines.


  • List the required components of the fetal heart screening on the routine 2nd trimester exam as outline by the AIUM ultrasound practice guidelines.
  • Increase the participants knowledge to better perform fetal heart examinations.
  • Identify ultrasound anatomy and physiology of the fetal heart.
  • Perform an ultrasound exam of the four-chamber heart and identify the most important view to evaluate during the exam.
  • Demonstrate the ultrasound evaluation of the fetal outflow tracts.
  • State the utility of the three vessel and trachea views.


Physicians, sonographers and other medical professionals who are involved with performing and/or interpreting OB ultrasound examinations with an interest in integrating fetal heart screening into the routine exam. Physician participants may include (but are not limited to): obstetricians and family/primary care.


  • Review of Current Practice Guidelines
  • Fetal Heart Screening Exam Overview, Anatomy& Development
  • 4-Chamber View Checklist
  • Evaluation of the Outflow Tracks: LVOT & RVOT
  • 3 Vessel/Trachea View

Date of Original Release: 9/24/2021

This edition valid for credit through: 9/24/2024

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